welcome to the Quad Cities Venetian Plaster page

Below you will find a list of services provided by That British Painter for Quad Cities Venetian Plaster Jobs.

Another Fantastic Venetian Plaster ceiling by Darren Crumbleholme

Of all the services I offer and all the skills I have learned nothing excites me more than creating a one of a kind Venetian Plaster ceiling or wall that delivers that WOW factor to whatever space I put it on.

Whenever I get to start a new Venetian Plaster job I am like a kid in a candy store...this product on this ceiling is synthetic from Lowes however I have applied real Venetian plaster which is ground up marble and stone melded together in slake pits  from Verona Italy.

If you want to impress your friends and family or just treat yourself with an accent wall or an entryway ceiling out of Venetian Plaster then give That British Painter a call @ 309-791-2270 so we can discuss your ideas.

Below is a video of why I first got interested in learning how to do Venetian Plaster.

Wait till the end for the wow factor

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