Welcome To Our Quad Cities Commercial Painting Page.

Quad Cities commercial painting scheduling options:

Looking to give your Quad Cities business a face lift but worried about hassle of having contractors in the way during business hours or having to shut down during remodeling ...don't be...at That British Painter we can help with the following options.

Option 1. Painting your business or commercial property after hours to minimize your disruption

Option 2. Painting your business or commercial property on the weekends including holidays.

Option 3. Paint your business one section at a time to minimize disruption rather during the day or scheduled at your convenience 

it is our goal to Paint your business whilst minimizing disruption and getting the makeover done on time and within budget.

Why not give that British painter a call today at 309-791-2270 or schedule an appointment through our contact us page here.

That British Painter has recently done commercial painting projects on these fine quad cities businesses

1. CFXtreme Chirofitness

CFX chiropractic fitness extreme located at 4708 44th street Rock Island Il 61201 phone 309-788-8239

Owners Dr Chris Molck D.C and Shawna Nylin C.T, C.N.T  please visit them on the web at www.qccfx.com and Shawna will beat you up as a fitness expert and as you crawl out Chris will put your body back in place as one of the Quad Cities finest Chiropractors.

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