Welcome to the Quad Cities Basement Remodel page.

 Below is a List of services That-British-Painter provides for Quad Cities basement remodel Jobs.

  • Complete tear out of existing substrates including drywall, old studs, floor coverings used in the previous basement remodel.
  • Work with homeowners to plan design for new basement remodel layout. (where to build the 2x4 walls)
  • After the walls get installed then comes the new wiring and insulation.
  • 1/2 green-board next on all walls built for that British painter basement remodels.
  • Finishing the drywall to a level 5 finish. 
  • Apply primer to all surfaces.
  • Trim out and install all doors, baseboard and window trim filling all nail holes.
  • Caulk in all trim and prime
  • Paint ceiling if drywall
  • Paint trim package
  • Paint walls with 2 coats of quality paint
  • Install electrical outlets and light fixture and this basement remodel is almost done
  • Install floor coverings, options include tile, slate, hardwood floors, carpet the choice is yours.

Conversely If you are looking for a more modest Quad Cities basement remodel then That British Painter could paint your block walls and Epoxy your concrete floors for a fresh clean look ( great value if your looking to sell your house without investing too much into a basement remodel.

Looking for a great bid on a Quad Cities basement remodel just give That British Painter owner Darren a call at 309-791-2270 and schedule a FREE  written estimate.

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